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3 IBM Modernizing Services That Can Enhance The Performance Of Your IBM I Apps

Trying to maximize the performance of IBM I apps with little to no success? Well, it’s the IBM modernizing tools by Fresche Solutions that you might be missing on. Modernizing or customizing tools and services are used to transform the IBM apps in such a way that they can be feased with newer technology and better features. In the lapse of modernization, the business might suffer due to less appealing features since IBM OS is not flexible when it comes to incorporating new technologies. It is primarily a concern because most modern codes can be written in Java and .NET. But, IBM works with legacy languages – COBOL and RPG. So, this guide about the ibm modernizing services is for everyone trying to upgrade their IBM OS.

What Services To Look Up To For IBM Transformation?

The list of services and tools given below will help your business progress by helping you meet your business goals and by helping you establish new ones.

  1. Planning And Strategy Services

As the name suggests, planning services are required to build a strategy by suggesting what technologies to import, how to reduce project failure risk, and how to update the features of IBM I apps. The benefits of strategizing are given below.

  • Eliminates the risk of overspending by finding out what technologies are required for your business
  • You have to pay only for the technologies that you require to establish current goals
  • You are made aware of the risks involved; hence, the solution comes speedily
  1. Code Modernizing Services

Legacy transformation into Java and .NET is done to serve of the purpose of generating better codes – all codes post-transformation are unicodes. The benefits of such database upgradation are given below.

  • Unicodes reduce expenditure and run on all mobile devices. Besides, they are extremely responsive to web services
  • Better codes allow the integration of advanced graphics for icon representation
  1. Analysis And Productivity Services

Data analysis is directly proportional to productivity because analytical tools give an accurate report on how well are the resources used by the staff. The most profound benefits of having these automated tools for document modernization and distribution are given below.

  • Data about the project progress is accurate
  • There’s sufficient time to deal with project failure risk since analysis tools provide clear insights on what technologies can provide better results
  • Since report analysis documents can be shared in the real-time, a lot of time can be saved by direct communication between all the departments


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