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A New Experience with Online Shopping leads to Immediate Quick Decision of TVs Brands Products

Best comparative study of different brands of TVs can be done through easy online shopping. LED and LCDs are available in different screen sizes and resolutions and prices vary according to it. Various discounts, offers, deals, price drops are listed online in the price list of Sony LED TVs. Best home experiences with cinematic view entertainment depends on the right choice of right screen resolution and size. The best entertainment experiences are much more enhanced by pairing TV with right home theatre system or right speakers which will surely improve the gaming or movie watching experiences. The price updates are maintained on daily basis and there are many online and offline sellers in all the major cities available to give all the updates as per need and demand of customers.

Different types of Samsung TVs varies according to different parameters like Brand, Sizes, Type, Display Resolution, Smart or 3D or Curved TVs and number of USB ports or HDMI ports which are as follows:

  • Brand






  • Type




  • Popular Size

*22 inch

*24 inch

* 32inch

*40 inch

*42 inch

  • Size

*22 inch- 26 inch

*27inch- 29 inch

*30 inch- 32 inch

*33 inch – 38 inch

* Below 22 inch

  • Display Resolution


*Full HD


  • Number of USB Ports

*1, 2 0r 3.

  • Number of HDMI Ports

*1, 2, 3 or 4

The prices of TVs are based on these parameters and much as excellent features are advance, price varies according to it too.

TVs                                                    Sizes      Prices

LED TV Full HD                                 40 inch      Rs. 28,199

LED HD Ready                                  32 inch       Rs. 17,592

LED TV Full HD                                 32 inch      Rs. 28,400

LED TV Full HD                                 43 inch      Rs. 35,360

LED TV UHD                                      55 inch    Rs. 72,800

LED TV UHD                                     43 inch      Rs. 46,000

LED TV HD                                        32 inch   Rs. 16,744

LED TV HD Ready                            24 inch          Rs. 10,480

LED TV 3D                                        50 inch   Rs. 56,720

LED TV UHD                                    49 inch       Rs. 59,592

Thus we can see the price variations as per variation in features of different types of TVs with their specifications and uniqueness. At the time of different festivals various interesting offers are available for different electronic items. There are amazing brands of TVs who are best sellers in home entertainment and it is just as boon of 3D technology, 4K quality and smart TV features which makes it qualitatively best products. The curved screen TVs offers IMAX experience highly comfortable for customers. The TV price info has been sourced from offline stores and online sellers also on daily basis with the latest updates of prices. Thus customers can sit freely without any stress can take purchasing decisions while sitting at homes without any hassle as all the current updates of products of TVs, its features and prices are updated on regular basis. So customers can take right decisions within no time thus saving their energy, money and time.

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