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An Essential List of Requirements to Start UK VPS Hosting

There has been a noticeable rise in the web hosting industry in the last decade. This led to improved and affordable server infrastructure. To maximise the success of hosting business, one would need to keep himself updated with changing and developing hosting platforms.

The security concern in shared servers gave rise to VPS – it has upped the cloud platform in terms of its security, speed and safe migration between hosts.

This physical, virtual server is offline, and hence the data is not vulnerable to any form of tampering. It is customizable, unlike cloud server services. Moreover, VPS is less expensive, and each web hosting account has its private operating system. They are functionally equal to dedicated servers.

However, VPS hosting requires hardware, software, tariff plans, etc. The list of requirements is proportional to the profit that one might yield from it.


  • Hardware

To launch a VPS hosting, one needs to have a server with hardware virtualisation. The RAM requirement will be according to client demands. The quality of this server determines the number of virtual machines it would cater to.

  • Software installation

Each server should have CentOS 7 X64 installed in it.

There are three panels essential for selling VPS – BILLmanager, Vmmanager, and IPmanager. Clients prefer KVM version of VMmanager. These three softwares are installed in VPS servers.

  • Software configuration

A particular order needs to be maintained for configuration of softwares because this would lead to products being integrated. Each of the following software first goes through initial configuration, and then integration. That order is:

  • IPmanager
  • BILLmanager
  • VMmanager
  • Tariff Plans

Tariff plans are available in products section in BILLmanager. The client can then choose and create a virtual server in VMmanager. One can now click on to finish and choose the tariff plan created.

  • Software Testing

This is how a client gets an idea of how their site looks from a user’s perspective. Signing up in the BILLmanager and ordering a VPS would tell show if there are any problems that a user might face while ordering. In that case, you can always mend the glitch.

To be noted:

It is not always mandatory to be in possession of the list of hardware mentioned above. In that case, you still have the alternative of buying the following.

  1. A billing platform
  2. Software for creating VPS
  3. IPv4 addresses subnet
  4. Dedicated server to support hardware virtualisation
  5. A website for selling the service
  6. Contract with a payment gateway.

UK VPS hosting companies are gradually increasing in number due to the rising demand of VPS. With over $1.5 trillion worth of data loss through cybercrime in 2018, the demand for privacy and security in the cyber world is on the rise. VPS offers one of the best security services possible along with a host of other benefits. It is, therefore, highly recommended for businesses to avail VPS to maximise productivity and mitigate any potential downside of shared cloud servers.

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