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Attention! Video walls are here

The mesmerizing look of Times Square after the sun sets is a view that lingers on your mind forever. Along with the eclectic bustle of the city and citizen, video wall signage is a reason for the attractiveness. The technology behind such appliances is far more complex. What are video walls you ask? Well look no further, this article will provide enough information.

A video wall is primarily a set of LCD or led monitors arranged together to look like a single screen. These screens are programmed in such a way that they project a single frame as a larger picture. The benefits of using a video wall signage are plenty like:

  1. High pixel density.
  2. Customizations of layouts are available.
  3. Economic when larger screen area per unit cost is taken into consideration.
  4. Brightness is far superior when compared with projector screens.
  5. The user has control over dynamic content placement.
  6. Video walls offer flexibility according to the clients need. They can add or remove screens with respect to the size of display they want.
  7. Projectors require more maintenance while the video wall does not require that much attention.
  8. Multiple sources can display on a video wall in contrast to the limited options offered by projectors.

Who are the people who use video wall signage?

These are versatile displays and can provide various functions. There are many professionals who use the benefits of this system such as follows:

  1. The army and federal forces use it to get a common operating picture.
  2. Students and teachers use it to display dense pixel pictures in full resolution to get intimate details on a topic of study.
  3. Business leaders use it to display engaging presentations and interactive displays for visitors.
  4. Control room operators use it to monitor alarm streams and security systems.

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