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Benefits of playing a virtual piano

With virtual instruments gaining popularity in the music industry, music enthusiasts can now enjoy playing the piano online with a music making software designed to run on virtual servers and accessible to many users at the same time.

The concept of a virtual piano is not only exciting but a great convenience especially for persons learning how to play the piano. Apart from the flexibility provided by the virtual piano, it offers users various benefits.

Unlimited unavailability

Unlike a physical piano, which can only be used by one person at a time, the virtual piano creates as many instances for all the users in need of the instrument. Therefore, you can train at any time you wish without waiting for the instructor or for your turn to come. 

The virtual piano allows you to play it from your smartphone or personal computer. The virtual piano can be played from any mobile device and is compatible with any model, unlike the digital piano.


The virtual piano is easy to use and setting it up requires the download of the app on your phone, and you can then, play it as you prefer. There is a wide variety of songs that you can explore. If you are using a personal computer, you can navigate and sort the songs using the keyboard or the mouse and play your preferred selection of songs.


The virtual piano is time-saving; unlike a physical piano, it allows you to learn the basics and key concepts of music in a short time. First, it has a virtual guide on the basic of mastering piano skills and users can self-train and finish the training in a short time depending on their commitment to learning.


The available virtual pianos on the market today allow you to record songs and play them back to back. This feature is useful for practice and review of your progress as a trainee. The virtual piano is a performer’s friend, and they make music making fun by transforming the instrument into a flexible tool that you can improvise to make your unique symphony.

Voice Options

A virtual piano offers you various voice options including recording improvisations that produce authentic sounds. They also give you room to adjust your playing style and rich features such as reverb.

Choosing your virtual piano

While there are a lot of virtual piano products in the market today, they are not all made the same. The unbeatable Tera Piano is an excellent choice and offers exception features for the flexible production of music.  Contact us today to learn more about the Tera Piano.