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Expanding your Business into Dubai

With Dubai being a lucrative nexus of international trade in the Middle East, businesses and entrepreneurs have been keen to gain a business presence by establishing a branch office in one of the United Arab Emirates’ “free zones.” In this article, we’ll take a look at what it takes to establish a physical presence in Dubai, as well as an alternative method that may replace how businesses establish a global presence in the near-future.

Traditional Method

In Dubai’s “free zone,” foreign entities can conduct business through a branch office or other physical forms by following a number of requirements. These include:

  • Selecting a type of business: In Dubai, there are over types of 2,100 businesses that can be established in the city. For those that aren’t listed or if you’re curious about your business’ viability, you’ll need to visit Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) webpage, which can help you determine whether you can even begin the process.
  • Ownership: By operating in one of the free zones of Dubai with 100% ownership, you need a local license from the DED that determines which type of ownership the company will run under.
  • Filing legal forms: Each type of business has its own forms, licensing, and documentation that must be filled out. Again, consult DED’s webpage for a full list of requirements.
  • Establishing a trade name: The name of your business is important in Dubai, and it must be permitted through government authorities.
  • Minimum share capital: Depending on your business structure and operations, you may need to have a minimum amount of capital invested in Dubai to conduct business. However, in most cases, this isn’t required. Nevertheless, you will need to state your capital in the Memorandum of Association for your proposed company.
  • Premises and staff: Once you’ve gotten to this point, you need to lease an available space, as well as hire staff. As mentioned previously, this differs based on the type of business. However, it must be mentioned that many businesses require a local agent or sponsor to ensure that your business operates in accordance with Dubai’s government procedures.

Expand to Dubai with Virtual Phone Numbers

If you’re a bit put-off with what it takes to establish a physical presence in Dubai, there is another option of creating a business presence that may be more cost-effective and efficient. The answer is virtual phone numbers, and in particular, Dubai toll free numbers. First, let’s describe what virtual phone numbers are.

Virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that, when dialed by a caller, instantly route a call to another phone number (referred to as a “destination phone number”). Through cloud computing technology (like VoIP), the function of virtual phone numbers is indistinguishable from “normal” local phone numbers. This means that the virtual phone number has the same country code (for Dubai, this is +971) and the remaining digits (XX-XXX-XXXX). This also means that a local caller from Dubai won’t be able to tell whether they are dialing a Dubai-based business or a company that may be located in another part of the world. The end result is, by subscribing with a virtual phone number service provider, you can gain access to markets in Dubai while maintaining a sense of local authenticity, as well as access.

Unobstructed access can be achieved via virtual phone numbers, as callers aren’t charged long-distance rates or blocked by their own service providers. However, there still remains the obstacle of callers being charged for the ability to call; not every caller in Dubai has unlimited funds or the preference to incur costs to reach your business. That’s where Dubai toll free numbers come in. These numbers function just like a toll free number would in Dubai, but they add the functionality and add-ons of virtual phone numbers. This means that you can equip your Dubai toll free number with extensions, call recording, simultaneous ringing, and so forth to ensure you offer the best service to your clientele.

If virtual phone numbers sound appealing to your business model, you should use a qualified service provider to ensure that your phone numbers have the best quality service and the most applicable add-ons (such as call recording, outbound calling, and so forth). With over two decades of providing its customers with top-notch service, Global Call Forwarding is the choice of both small businesses and enterprise-level organizations. For more information, visit www.globalcallforwarding.com to begin utilizing virtual phone numbers for your business expansion efforts in Dubai (and over 140 other countries).

by Tom Senkus

Author’s Bio: Tom Senkus is a freelance writer specializing in how businesses can expand their international presence leveraging the most efficient technology. For more information about his list of services, visit www.tomsenkuswriter.com

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