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How To Convince Your Boss You Need A Better Payments Software

It is not uncommon for the staff of the accounting and accounts payable departments to stay later than their co-workers because there is a mountain of invoices still piled up. In many cases, the staff members of the AP department are overwhelmed with several late payments because there isn’t enough manpower to handle the workload.

The normal reaction of business owners is to hire another team member to take on some of the duties. As any dedicated AP staff knows the answer lies on automated payments software. This is an investment that many bosses refuse to consider because the upgrade will cost money. Don’t fret, here are some ways you can convince your boss that going automated is far better than expanding the department:

Document That Current Solutions Are No Longer Effective

When the same set of solutions are applied, the problems never go away, they only pile up. Document the bottleneck of tasks, show the amount of work needed to be done, and the repeating of problems each billing cycle to your boss. When they have a better picture of the issues the department is dealing with on a daily basis they might be more inclined to invest in automated payments systems solution.

The documentation will have a bigger impact when it will include the losses the company is racking up due to the current and outdated payment system. Showing the bosses the negative numbers really opens up their mind that there must be something wrong and a solution is needed soon,

Get The Entire Department Onboard

Nothing is more convincing when the entire department agrees that a solution for current invoicing and payment problems can be solved by automating the systems. Showing a united front means that everyone in the department shares your concerns and wants to improve current working conditions.

Highlight The Value Of The Investment

An automated payment system is considered a major investment, which can be the main factor for resistance with the bosses. Instead of just accepting defeat, show them how much more they stand to lose if they do not upgrade the system soon. The cost of hiring more team members can be worth double or triple the price of the automated system.

The chances of missing fraudulent receipts, making duplicate payments, and acquiring late fees are all costly issues that can easily be avoided once the automated system is put in place. Highlight the value of automation and deliver the facts so that your boss will understand the great need for the system.

Show The System’s Value

Not only will upgrading the payment system result in the company saving a significant amount of money in the long run, but it will also help keep AP department morale up. With the machine doing all the processing, encoding, and report generation the staff is able to focus on other tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

An investment in a payment solution is an investment in the company’s future and the employee’s productivity. What more could you want for the near future of the business?

If you are not using payments software, your business might still be in the stone age. Contact Nexus today and start enjoying the benefits of such solutions.