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Tips to Create the Best Insta Stories and Win Thousands of Followers

Getting the perfect photo and video is an almost impossible task for many new entrepreneurs. Advice and recommendations to achieve it in a few convenient steps and be a rage in social networks

Instagram, the Social Network to Share the Best Photos and Snapshots of 24 Hours

Being among the latest Instagram updates which caused a furor, now all Instagram users use it daily. They last only 24 hours, and you can upload endless images and videos of 15 seconds. In its recent update, fun filters were incorporated similar like those offered by the Snapchat app.

Today with the story function presented by several networks, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, you can generate audiovisual content with little or no budget.

Show the Backstage: The behind the scenes of the manufacture of a product, the daily activities of the company. It is an opportunity to be closer to the audience and the more reality you show, the more connection you will have with the audience. Having a connection with people that follow you is one of the distinct ways to succeed on Instagram, so it is vital to give utmost importance to it.

Event: The launch of a most recent product. The best way is to put together an exclusive event inviting known models if it’s a fashion show, influencers, press, and producers to share the brand news on their social networks.

Parade: If it is a brand that deals on clothing, footwear or accessories, a parade is essential. Share on the networks from the red carpet, backstage, and celebrities that are sitting in the front row and end up broadcasting the live show.

Brief History: Telling stories about the history of the company, how it was born, how it evolved and people that helped it grow to get where it is today. People love knowing the foundation and history of companies that they patronize.

Promotions: This is the right tool to communicate exclusive offers of the day or the week. It can be done through a game by uncovering the coupon code where the user is invited to continue clicking to reach the desired story. This particular strategy will earn you more likes and followers to aid you to increase your visibility on the platform. It is also possible to get buy automatic Instagram likes as this will help your account.

Interact with your Followers: The stories of this social network allow you to receive direct comments from the audience. It is an excellent means to make focus group online and see the immediate response of them without intermediaries.

With the Story Function, you can Save the Images and See Who Saw the Photo

The most paramount thing is that your content manages to entertain, inform or inspire which are the main objectives of video marketing. It must be clear what the objective is and finish the story with a call to action. The most paramount thing is to share value, stay relevant, and always be creative.

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