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Website Usability: Tips to Boost Your User Experience

The simple term ‘usability’ refers to the ease or comfort of a search engine user when navigating your website. It may actually be the thin line separating successful websites from the others. Usability basically thrives upon a few aspects that constitute it for instance consistency, relevancy, simplicity and even improved accessibility. By improving your website’s usability, you prove to your customers it is more about them than it is about you. You can hire SEO Brisbane experts to help you with this as a happy customer is perfect for business. Well, now you know the secret that most search engines use to rank different websites. Below are a few tips that could help you improve your website’s usability.

Faster Page Loading

Slow internet speedwhich also qualifies for overloading has been listed among the most annoying things this year. An average internet user is basically looking for an efficient website with faster loading speed. Forget about any results should your pages drag to load, but how can you fix this? Have an expert design a website that improves the loading speed through optimisation among other techniques. Every person spends less than 5 seconds while waiting for a page to load, this is your time if you have a faster loading website.

Create Consistency

Stay the same for all your social media and online outlets. Customers find it easy to associate, identify, and recommend your brand anywhere they see it thanks to consistency. Have the same designs, logos, pictures, and addresses for all your web pages, social media accounts, and other channels. A good example of a consistent business is Starbucks or the McDonalds which can be identified regardless of the online channel you are on. You can approach SEO Sydney experts to assist you with this aspect.

A Responsive Site Works Magic

Did you know that 33% of the total internet users prefer to use their phones compared to other devices? If you didn’t, now you know and with these figures come proper planning. Is your website customised to respond and adapt according to the device being used? If not, contact SEO Melbourne professionals today and have your website tuned to be more responsive and adaptive to the device.

Search engines do not rank well websites that have poor or no responsiveness at all which is actually bad for business. Your website should not change according to the device but should remain the same only with a different mode or layout. This helps the search engine user access your site in a more comfortable layout depending on the device or tablet they are using.

Heading and Sub-Headings are Necessary

The same way we use our faces to recognise each other, titles and subtitles work the same. Do you imagine what the internet would look like with just the content and no topics? Title your content in bold and catchy titles to capture the attention of the internet user. Next step is giving an inviting sub-topic that makes the search engine user want to know more. That is the best way to capture the attention of a visitor and from this point, the conversion to a customer should be simple.

Just talk to SEO Sydney experts today and reboot your online campaign.