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What are Outlook – Send and Receive Error?

Are you unable to access your essential outlook E-mails? Have you ever experienced any issues related to your Outlook email application? You would accept the fact that one of the severe problems for Outlook users is Microsoft outlook error message. And, most of us start looking for procedures to solve the problem as we find ourselves dwelling between these errors. Initially, you can restart the system, or check your account settings, and even scan PST etc. But, sometimes the problems are complex.

What is to be done when you get Outlook Send Email Error?

Usually, the error message says “Object not found” or “The operation failed”, “An object could not be found” when you are trying to send an email from Outlook. Mentioned below are the various outlook errors and solutions.

  • One of the prime factors which appear in such circumstances is the corrupt Outlook Profile. In this case, go to the Windows Control Panel and open mail option. Then, click on mail setup, show profiles & add and create your new Outlook profile. Try adding your email account(s) to it, open Outlook with your new profile and try sending the message, again.
  • While using Outlook in Corporate modes or Workgroup,if your Outlook PST data files get erased or moved- you need to create a new Outlook profile and re-add your data files to it.  This should resolve the issue.
  • If your automatic SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings are not configured correctly then, configure your outgoing SMTP server settings in Outlook, manually. The simplest way is by removing your email account from the Outlook. Click on the file menu then Account Settings and add it again. Make sure that you do not use the option to auto-detect mail server settings. In case, you are unaware of the SMTP values, contact your email provider.

Encountered Sending / Receiving error?

When you get error code 8004010F while trying to send or receive an email from Outlook, refer to the below reasons causing the error along with its solution.

  • It may happen that emails are being saved to the wrong location if you are using multiple email accounts. To avoid this situation, please remove your Outlook data files from your Account Settings- Data files list, and add them again. Else, try changing the folder where emails are being delivered. This can be done by selecting the desired account from File’s Account Settings and click on “Change Folder”.
  • Your Outlook does not have adequate permission to write the data files. Usually, this issue occurs if Windows is upgraded to 7or 8 version simultaneously keeping the Outlook installation in place. In order to get this resolved, you will have to take ownership of the data files.

When Outlook sends error code 0x800CCC80

 “None of the authentication methods supported by this client is supported by your server”-This outlook sent email error is received because your outgoing mail server settings are incorrectly configured. Please edit account settings-open your Outlook File menu then go to Account Settings. Double click on your email account then click More Settings, Outlook Server. Mark the option “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication,” then click the option “Log on to incoming server before sending mail.” Another way is to try using the “Repair” option available on your Account Settings window.

Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server

 When you are trying to send or receive an email from Outlook via a proxy server, below are the reasons causing the error along with the solutions?

  • Using a self-signed certificate may cause the issue. By default, a self-signed certificate is provided to the Intermediate Certification Authorities. Remove it and add to the Trusted Authorities list.
  • Outdated Windows root certificates can cause an error. Open Windows Update and check for updates to the Root Certificates list, mark these updates and install them.

Received Task reported error code 0x8004210A?

 “The operation timed out while waiting for a response from the receiving server”-This happens while sending or receiving emails from Outlook. Following are the reasons and solutions to it-

  • Connection to the server may be too slow. By closing downloads or some other in-progress online activities, try cleaning up your Internet connection. If the issue isn’t resolved, try increasing your mail server time out periods. This can be done by going to the Outlook File menu – Account Settings – double click on your email account – More Settings – Advanced -increase your server timeouts period.
  • If you are sending or receiving emails in bulk or with large email attachments: In such a case, your email account remains locked while the operation is performed. If the period is more than automatic Send & Receive time, then the next Send & Receive job will start instead of the previous one being incomplete. In such cases, the server will time our or gives error code 0x8004210E (Your mailbox is already locked). Have patience and wait for the large email to be received or sent. Otherwise, connect to your mailbox from your Internet browser and delete those incoming messages which are not important. This will ease your Outlook Receive task.
  • The Outlook Send & Receive job may be blocked by a firewall preventing Outlook from reaching your mail server. Please disable your firewall or try adding Outlook to its allowed list.
  • Your incoming or outgoing emails are being scanned by anti-virus. Outlook Send & Receive process can be delayed or interrupted by anti-virus. This increases the wait time of Outlook, hence, too much time is taken for the emails to arrive or to be sent. Please disable your anti-virus for this operation.
Solution for Outlook Send-Receive Error

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