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What is marketing and how does it differ with public relations?

Before we dive right into the topic, let’s make sure that everyone is on the same page with how they define the concept of marketing.

What is marketing?

Marketing is known as the business or act of promoting services or products, with the intention to increase its sales. The whole process also includes an in depth study of the market and a lot of advertising. Says Akshat from www.newswirenext.com.

Now, how does marketing differ from PR or Public Relations? On the surface, they both may seem similar but, when you break them both down, you will notice that they are nothing similar. Well except, a small part of what they aim to achieve, such as, exposure and promotion.

What is PR (Public Relations)?

PR is known as the act which leads to the maintenance of a favourable and positive reputation or image in the public of a brand, business, company or public personality. Says Roger from www.edcalmedia.com.

How does a PR agent differ from a marketing professional?

Let’s dig out some differences by analysing the to do list of a PR agent and a marketing professional:

  • Marketing Professional: A marketing professional has to create advertising campaigns for an upcoming product. They also have to purchase advertising slots for that advertising campaign on relevant media platforms, such as, news channels, radio, and various other TV channels. A marketing professional has to make sure that the media platform has a somewhat similar niche as that advertising campaign. The next step is to create flyers, brochures, FAQs, and website landing pages for that extra promotion. A marketing professional also has to strategize the whole campaign, so everything happens in an orderly manner. In addition to that, the to do list of a marketing professional also consists of creating newsletters for their clients.
  • PR Agent: On the other hand, a PR agent has to write a press release for an upcoming event or product launch for their clients. Then they have to pitch some stories to the media regarding their clients and they have to make sure that these stories are positive and internationally appropriate. A PR agent also has to work on building positive and effective relations with the media and various other influencers in that line of work or industry. They also have to manage the messaging between their client and other companies. Furthermore, a PR agent also has to be well prepared in case their client hits a rock. They need to prepare speeches and with valid points for their clients in times of crisis.

What are the differences between the goals of marketing and public relations?

The meaning of success in marketing and public relations has been explained below:

  • Success in Public Relations: Success for a PR agent means receiving a lot of positive response and completely white washing the image or reputation of their client. It also includes a lot of positive press attention in the same niche as their client’s company, product or brand. A positive and powerful speech by their client which attracts a lot of positive response and attention also counts as a huge success in the field of public relations.
  • Success in Marketing: Success for a marketing professional means achieving all the marketing goals and possibly exceeding the sale goals. Making sure that the ROI (Return on Investment) of the campaign was high. Success in marketing also includes generating a positive attention from the media, their audience and various social media influencers.

Despite their differences, marketing and public relations overlap. In this world, you cannot market without working with PR.

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