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What to look out for when hiring a Virtual Receptionist

As business trends continue to evolve, more and more businesses are appreciating the benefits of outsourcing virtual receptionist services. Virtual receptionists help businesses save on operational costs as their services cost significantly less compared to hiring a conventional receptionist. Moreover, a virtual receptionist ensures that there are little or no phone calls that end up as hang-ups after a caller reaches an answering machine and which result in missed opportunities.

Though a virtual receptionist does not have to report to the place of work, they perform the same duties as a traditional receptionist. Such duties include handling phone calls, making follow-up phone calls, taking messages, managing the employer’s schedule, and so on.
Here’s what to look out for when outsourcing virtual receptionist services:

Reliability and resourcefulness
Virtual receptionists are mainly hired to perform routine but vital tasks that cannot be automated. A reliable virtual receptionist will be available when required and should have the ability to complete the tasks on time and correctly.
They should also be resourceful in the way they handle tasks, tackle, and solve arising challenges. They should be creative and innovative in how they plan and manage their tasks so that you do not end up doing their job. 

Job etiquette
In as much as the receptionist does not work from your physical business premise, they are the first point of contact with your clients.  As such, they will create a lasting impression of your company or brand. Look out for a virtual receptionist that knows how to solve conflicts without compromising your reputation. 

Familiarity with reliable project management tools
More often than not, a virtual receptionist has to juggle several tasks at once. They should be able to handle multiple clients at a time, organize tasks, and create a suitable schedule. The ability to multitask could be further enhanced through other productivity tools such as time or task management software. Such tools not only help increase productivity and enhance work efficiency but also minimize errors. 

Communication and reporting skills
A virtual receptionist is required to keep communicating with you and your clients on a daily basis. Thus, they must possess a natural flair for communicating. A competent virtual receptionist should also be responsive and report back to you promptly. They should demonstrate the ability to keep in touch with your clients.
Engaging a person providing virtual receptionist services is a great way of increasing your productivity by ensuring that you focus on non-mundane tasks. It is also a suitable tool for achieving your desired work-life balance. 

While the above skills will help you hire a suitable candidate, ensure that you review your requirements, and prioritize the skills and, qualifications necessary for your specific case.